Dream Fevers – A New Ultra Large Format Video

Over the past few months I have been working on a new camera design.  This unique camera uses optics from the 1850s to shoot video.  It’s something really special, I believe it to be the very first of its kind. 

This is the fifth iteration of this type of camera that I have built over the past three years, but the first to use such an antiquated lens (a huge thing made of brass and glass).  The unique rendering of this incredible lens, with its super shallow focus, swirl and bokeh, gives a true dreamlike quality to the images it produces. 

Working with the multitalented Kesha Darling, this film was shot over the course of three days in Cornwall.  All sound is recorded live and none of the video has any kind of post processing on it, everything is straight out of the camera. 

It’s truly exciting to see what this camera is capable of, the potential it has for creating future work with artists, musicians and performers. 

 A huge thank you to Kesha for her collaboration on this project.. 

I hope to be creating more work with it soon and am now accepting commissions for video work with this unique ultra large format video camera.  Simply enquire through the contact form on my website here.

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