Guy is extremely proud to share his work, processes and results with people of all backgrounds.

Through creating a relaxed and atmospheric studio space for his photographic subjects, Guy works with his subjects to bring their vision to life with stunning results. Here are just a few reviews received on Guy Bellingham’s photography experience.

“Normally reluctant in front of lenses. However, I found sitting for Guy a relaxing, interesting and unhurried process. And the magic of watching my tintype portrait appear before my eyes was alchemy. The result was 3 powerful, emotive and brilliant portraits of who I am at 60. Highly recommend, do it.”

“What a wonderful experience. Guy made this a relaxed and interesting journey, and the results were exquisite. Thank you.”

Shooting with Guy was like experiencing magic. He was so kind, clear and professional. Guy amazed me by letting me see the process involved in making these tintype photos. Truly a wonderful experience.”

“We popped down to see Guy, to have 'Tintypes' taken of the family. Guy is very accommodating and shoots on a huge 10x8 camera. Making a tintype is quite a process, involving lots of chemicals and is real alchemy. Guy shows you the process and it is fascinating to watch the image appear as a negative and then as a positive on the tin plate. The results are beautiful and unforgiving at the same time. If you want a ‘different’ portrait taken I would highly recommend Guy and the Tintype process.”

“We loved meeting Guy and going to his studio. He is very friendly, and what a camera and studio! The process was brilliant and watching the images appear the way they did on the plates was just fascinating. Brilliant results too, I can't rate it enough. Well worth every penny and such a wonderful experience. By far some of the best photos of the kids we have. Thanks, Guy.”

“Guy was wonderful to work with. He made me feel completely at ease and was so helpful and accommodating from start to finish. I'm in love with the images that we ended up with and he was great at turning my vision for the shoot into reality. Really grateful to have worked with him and he'll definitely be my go-to from now on.”

“Guy is a truly fabulous photographer; a true master at taking vintage style photos. Even if not looking for a vintage vibe, his work is contemporary and full of invention. So original, knowledgeable, and creative. Guy made me feel very comfortable throughout and I really enjoyed the whole shoot. The results were fantastic. I cannot recommend Guy enough.”

“Guy Bellingham's comforting and creative talent skills in photography, combined with his creative eye for detail and personable approach are what truly make him a great photographer. The world is full of magic and Guys' photos are spellbinding.”

“I had a wonderful time shooting with Guy. He's a really lovely photographer who made me feel very comfortable and had great music playing in the studio. It was really fun to watch the science unfold and the tintype shots look amazing.”

“Having recently modelled for a shoot with Guy, I can attest to his professionalism and skill as a photographer. The shoot was a very enjoyable and truly unique experience… Guy was happy to explain and share the process during the shoot, which was fascinating, and his knowledge and passion for vintage photography shines through. I use his photographs as my promotional material for my career as a jazz musician. The feedback I've had has been phenomenal. Guy generates a relaxed, informal yet professional atmosphere in the studio, ensuring the model is relaxed and engaged. I couldn't recommend him enough. Thanks for the truly brilliant photos, Guy.”

If you’re looking for a photographer to help you produce beautiful images with a medium almost lost to history; tintype photography, get in touch with Guy Bellingham Photography. If you’d like to know more information about the process or enquire about booking a shoot, call Guy on 07977 871453 or fill in the contact form and Guy will get back to you.

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