For the past five years Guy has been creating ground-breaking cameras that offer a revolutionary rendering for video.  Here are a selection of short films and music videos created with them.

By utilising components from large format cameras combined with modern digital sensors Guy has managed to create several different rigs, each about the size of a microwave, that allow him to capture video at an incredibly thin depth of field that’s physically impossible with smaller cameras.  These pioneering new concept camera designs are the result of years of Guy’s research, design and prototyping.  They are unique in concept and execution.

These cameras are each built bespoke around the particular characteristics of a specific large format lens, to optimise its capabilities.   There are examples of a Petzval lens from 1850 here, along with the famous Heliar on ultra large format and also a soft-focus Cooke ‘Knuckler’ lens from 1929.

These short films and music videos show a selection of the work created with them. 

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