New Large Format Music Video

This is a new music video made for singer songwriter, Fraser Anderson. Shot using one of my self-built cameras. This is an ultra large format video camera fitted with a lens from 1927. The shallow depth of focus really helps give the video a nostalgic quality and it’s subtly soft rendering adds to the magic. All sound is recorded live and none of the video has any kind of post processing on it, everything is straight out of the camera.

It’s truly exciting to see what this camera is capable of, the potential it has for creating future work with artists, musicians and performers.

Fraser’s a phenomenal musician, this was recorded in one take!

You can find out more about him and his music here: 

I hope to be creating more work with it soon and am now accepting commissions for video work with this unique ultra large format video camera. Simply enquire through the contact form on my website here.


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